Non Person Is Every Person

Apr 22
Apr 21
Sarah, my psychedelic songstress.



Sarah, my psychedelic songstress.



Sep 27
Sep 19

quote Oh You; “Clair de Lune” played again, when we played. #LikeThemKeys

- “they don’t have the air of belief in their happiness.
(and their songs are mixed with moonlight)”

- Let’s take back the night.

Sep 03
Sep 03

quote "1-0-8: KAROL, Majani Harmaja, remixed shit by Non Person, TWC part 2… #OutSoon #InformingHelps

Aug 20
Jul 03
Jun 19

quote Anytime: Sure, I’ll go to an after party with you. But it has to be in another country and you’re paying. #EasyLikeThat

— Don’t call me when you’re drunk
Jun 18
Jun 18

quote Today: Free love! #Give

Jun 08
May 16

quote This morning: A new record of almost 3 minutes of not thinking about you when I woke up. #YouAintGotShitOnMeBitch

May 11
Apr 30

quote Today: Upping the dosage and downgrading the mantra. #simple

— Moving into the studio. Basic shit. Takes me way back. Think I’ll start bombing again. NF. BTBC. SCL.